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Tenant Information

Tenant fees

There’s a lot of work involved in setting up and maintaining a tenancy. Below, we explain the rental fees YOUR AGENT charges to tenants when setting up a new tenancy, and then throughout a tenant’s time in the property

Tenancy Application fee

The tenancy application fee includes the cost of referencing – which will cover checking your credit status, previous employer, current or past landlords, and taking into account any other information to help assess the affordability of your tenancy application. Our Tenancy Application Fee for a typical tenancy is £250 for the first applicant and £90 for every subsequent applicant.

Tenancy Set-up fee

The fee includes providing a Tenancy Agreement. Our Tenancy Set-up Fee for a typical tenancy is £50.

When do I pay the fees?

After you’ve viewed the property and have decided to apply to rent it, we will provide you with a Tenancy Application form which you will be asked to complete and return to us with payment. If your application is unsuccessful then the Tenancy Set-up Fee will be refunded to you. The Tenancy Application Fee is non-refundable.

Other fees that may be applicable before you move in

Guarantor fee

Depending on the outcome of your application taking into account your earnings or overall financial position we may require you to provide a Guarantor. This is not uncommon, and means you have someone on your behalf that undergoes credit referencing – to ensure they have sufficient earnings to cover the overall rent commitments in the event that you, as the tenant, are unable to pay your rent. This fee is payable in respect of each Guarantor to cover credit referencing costs and providing a Deed of Guarantee as part of the Tenancy Agreement, which details their obligations as a Guarantor. The Guarantor Fee is £90.00.

During the tenancy, you may incur additional fees for other services

Amendment Fee

This may be applicable if a change to the tenancy is required mid-term. This may be due to a change in personal circumstances and / or a request to leave the tenancy early is agreed prior to the end of the tenancy agreement (this is subject to landlord consent). Amendment Fee £100.

Tenancy Renewal & Extension fee

This is the cost of preparing a new Tenancy Agreement and negotiating with your landlord for a further fixed term tenancy. Extending your tenancy, if agreed by your landlord, gives an assurance of staying in the property for a further fixed period, and avoids the uncertainty of a landlord serving notice at any given time. Tenancy Renewal & Extension Fee is £80.00, but is not charged if initial the Fixed Term tenancy rolls onto a Statutory Periodic Tenancy.

Check out fee

Some landlords ask YOUR AGENT to employ external inventory companies to produce an inventory for their property before the let. Where this applies, you will be liable for a check out fee when the inventory company carries out their inspection at the end of the tenancy. If applicable, the check out report forms an important part of how the return of your security deposit is arranged. You will be made aware of this prior to signing the tenancy.

Miscellaneous Fees

Providing a Duplicate Tenancy Agreement £10.00

Returned cheque or Standing Order fee £25.00

Late rent chase letter £25.00. We will initially chase late rent via email, phone & text – we will only write if there is no response / payment after 7 days

Breach of tenancy letter £25.00

All Card payments are subject to a 5% processing charge.

Other Tenant charges & Liabilities

As well as paying rent, as agreed (usually monthly in advance), you will also have to pay the following:

During the tenancy

  • Utilities (gas, electricity, water and telephone)
  • Council Tax
  • Television licence
  • Installation of cable/satellite (if permitted and applicable)
  • Subscription to cable/satellite supplier
  • Insurance (for your personal and own contents)
  • Garden maintenance

At the end of the tenancy:

  • Professional cleaning of the property (if required)
  • Inventory check-out (If applicable)
  • Dilapidations (as agreed)